About the Artists

James Mihaley found peace of mind in Angeles by doing volunteer work for five years at a children’s hospital.  He also found it in a food truck, rolling burritos on Skid Row.  James eats more kale than anyone in America.  He likes to walk in the moonlight.  He is a nocturnal pedestrian.  He loves to do live performances of this poetry collection.  To book James for a spoken word event please contact: Jmihaley@yahoo.com or 323-620-0832.  

Oshri Hakak is thankful to have art and music created through him for uplifting as much as possible. He’s also a beekeeper and a Babylonian Jew and a Human Being. He’s a fan of babies and particularly likes bounding about with his bubbling nieces, Elah and Noa, and his beautiful nephew, Aiden. More of his art can be viewed on www.LivingInkFlow.com, where there’s also a place to sign up to receive the daily ink he sends out every morning for you.